Capability Development

Organisational success is driven by the behaviour of people who apply their skills, common knowledge and expertise in a thousand different interactions, externally and internally. Their personal qualities and knowledge inform their behaviour, and when their personal effectiveness is combined with business focus, leadership occurs.

Building this dynamic, learning and adaptive workforce requires investments in capability development well beyond simply training. Too often the outcomes of training are never effectively applied because the organisational system is not in tune with the training content and the value is lost. Business performance excellence requires capabilities in the following areas:

  • Leadership – a clearly articulated direction, owned by senior management, supported by their actions and feedback, that delivers outcomes furthering objectives.
  • Organisation – the design, allocation and coordination of resources to execute the business plan and progress objectives.
  • Client & Stakeholder Focus – orientation and concentration of resources to understand client and stakeholder requirements for business solutions that are relevant, useful and effective.
  • Measurement, Analysis & Knowledge Management – the capture, curation and dissemination of information resources that inform operational analysis, management, and decision-making.
  • Capability Development – creating a performance system that both enables people to do their jobs; building skills, knowledge and adaptability, as well as employing technology to support these outcomes.
  • Service Development & Delivery – the design, development and delivery of services that satisfy existing needs and adapt to emerging needs.
  • Results & Sustainability – monitor, report and demonstrably contribute to realising objectives, continuously improving operations to enhance their economic, social and operational value.

The improvements in capability will come from a systematic assessment of needs, a learning system that is designed beyond a training mindset to accommodate the learning needs of the participants, and an evaluation method that is tightly coupled with the business’ performance.

Our approach

We can help to improve the operations of your organisation through our capability development framework that binds together the key components of personal effectiveness with the business focus that comes from effective managers. A learning system is more than a training program or the collateral that goes with it. It is an integrated approach to learning to:

  • focus on the needs of the learner, in terms of the performance gaps, knowledge, skills and resources;
  • ensure they can understand and apply the knowledge and skills they need to do their work;
  • create a learning environment built upon adult learning principles, process, and experiential learning; and
  • deliver content, tools and resources via a number of channels to accommodate the different learning needs of individuals.

Our approach provides learners with an environment for a:

  • Shared learning and a common competency framework;
  • Context and life-cycle specific components that are practically related to their work and other organisational expectations;
  • Learning approach integrated and consistent for all learners regardless of their position in the organisation; and
  • Learning experience that offers faster collaboration and co-creation of business value.