Kelly Sinclair

About Kelly Sinclair

I have always cared about people and particularly whether they have learned what I have set out to teach them. Consulting is about learning both for the consultant but more importantly for the client. My goal is to help my clients understand and learn how to engage effectively with their customers and their other stakeholders using the plethora of channels available for business today. We work together to solve these problems and produce platforms for engagement that will build strong, mutually valuable outcomes. I concentrate on designing content strategies to deliver meaningful information as quickly and efficiently as possible, making sure your customers can get what they need: the information, help and advice to get on with their jobs. It saves their time and effort and yours if you create a content ecosystem that reflects the variety of content they need. I haven’t always done this but my background in education provides a perfect basis for understanding how people learn, what they look for and then how they can use what they find. I relish the opportunity to help simplify and crystallise complex ideas into accessible forms that accelerate the usefulness and value of the material. Specialities: Web content strategy, discovery, design and delivery. Business process analysis and design.