Change is Learning – Learning is Change

The success of any plan or strategy is measured by the nature of the changes that come as a result.

This is where it either comes together or falls apart.

Our expertise is to help our clients effect constructive, productive and value-creating changes that enhance overall performance.

The Factors that will impact and influence change









Change for improved performance

These, along with many others will have an effect on your organisation, however, the more important question is whether change will be for the better. Better, in our view, means improved performance and we use the perspectives of a Balanced Scorecard as a basis for assessing performance:


Customer Experience

Internal Systems

Learning and development

Supporting organisational change

In too many cases, we allow organisational change to languish or be stifled by a system that limits positive and effective adaptation to the business environment. Organisational change rides on the back of capability development and can only occur when people learn that:

  • There is a compelling need for action
  • They have a part to play in it
  • There is greater risk in the status quo
  • They understand the key activities and requirements of the change
  • They can apply their new skills and knowledge in their day job
  • The business system will enable people to apply those new skills and capabilities
  • There is no gap between learning and doing

Organisational change is often confused with change management but this muddles ends with means. While it is necessary, change management is not enough by itself to reshape an organisation to meet the challenges of its operating environment and to capture the opportunities that are available.  Don’t confuse organisational change with change management.

Organisational change matters

Organisational change is one of the most pressing business challenges facing firms today if they are to compete effectively and deliver efficient and effective services. In every sector, regardless of public or private, there are powerful forces disrupting every assumption about how the world of business will work. Unless your organisation is adaptable, proactive, productive and resilient, these forces can overwhelm even the most successful organisations of the past. They are significant, rapid and unpredictable, such that even if the new entrant or method is ultimately unsuccessful, the disruption they cause can have a significantly destabilising effect on your existing business model.

Our Approach

Performance is driven by behaviour and we understand the context for this to be the strategy of the organisation. However, we also understand an organisation to be composed on many dynamic and interdependent elements as a business system. Strategy execution, by its very nature results in organisational change for better or for worse. We work with your team to progress the execution of the strategy and build a more capable and effective organisation to change in tune with the needs of the market and your stakeholders.

In this context we can assist you to:

• Invest in capability in a cohesive and coordinated manner

• Build the responsive culture needed to adapt and break down the debilitating effects of silos

• Develop people who can lead in and beyond your current context

• Develop management as a core capability to support capability development

• Target, align and focus activity on strategy execution through programs, projects and people

• Continuously engage, improve and refine activity  to ensure improved customer experience

This approach will allow you to consistently focus on strategy execution as the litmus test for action, resulting in the kind of organisational change that is more likely to be what you both want and need.