Management Consulting

Our job is to help you improve your productivity, resource allocation, customer service experience, use of technology and cost management to enhance your competitiveness and effectiveness. We enable and complement your existing capabilities, sometimes challenging them but always providing a meaningful, independent perspective.

We concentrate on five essential business disciplines.

Management Consulting

Strategic Planning

Systematically analysing and understanding your business environment, enabling you to make informed choices that set direction, goals and priorities for the business. We draw together leading conceptual frameworks such as the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps and Blue Ocean Strategy, to develop relevant plans that can survive contact with the real world.

IT Strategy Development

Helping you to ensure the investments and projects within your IT portfolio are linked to producing real business benefits and outcomes that support the goals and objectives of the business. In doing so we also help you identify areas where your operational effectiveness and efficiency can be enhanced through business technology, workflow and process improvements.

Capability Development

Creating an organisational structure or team that is able to function effectively and efficiently is the first job of management. The skills, knowledge and expertise that you need today go far beyond technical mastery. They extend to leadership, operations management, performance management, relationship management, change management and risk management. Our role is to help you design and build the learning systems needed to deliver the high levels of performance and service delivery you need today.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes even the strongest executives and senior managers need an independent perspective on their emotions and behaviours at work. We work with these leaders to identify and eliminate factors that impede their personal effectiveness or that of their functions or business units.

Change Management

Strategy execution and performance improvement means that change management is essential. We offer a disciplined but adaptive approach, based on leading frameworks including Prosci, to help you realise your strategic and operational goals.

We deliver a fresh perspective based on a breadth of experience. Independent, but with a range of important skills that may not be readily available to you in your organisation or team. Our knowledge is systematically updated and we can ask the questions that others choose not to ask, at all levels of your organisation.

Our approach

We can help by applying

• Analytical rigour to our understanding of the issues and opportunities that you confront

• Strategic thinking to ensure that we take a holistic view, understanding the implications for the whole organisation or situation

• Commercial experience and knowledge to ensure not only the issues of costs but also best practices and frameworks are incorporated

• Intellectual curiosity to ask the questions others may not wish to ask or cannot ask

• Management and organisational skills that ensure respect and credibility in delivering the results you need