Values – An Interlude

Individual values and those that collectively form into organisational values underpin performance in every sense. We carry them with us everywhere and unconsciously part of every interaction we have. Ideo is a design and innovation consulting firm that is known for its creativity and leadership in building business capability. The values set out in this presentation emphasise the human elements of creativity and innovation that are so often clouded by an over-emphasis on technology. Its worth remembering that it is human action and thought that gives effect to the useful application of technology to business, social and cultural challenges, not [...]

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Performance |pəˈfɔːm(ə)ns| [ mass noun ] – Part 1

How do you know when something needs to be improved? Typically it is because you begin to notice that the results you are getting are not what you expected. There is a gap between the performance involved in producing a result and the expectation you had for that outcome. In the context of services, this is the definition of Service Quality and in the context of an improvement initiative, performance is assessed by the results achieved, these in turn being driven by the behaviour of those people charged with its delivery. Improvement means closing the gap between performance and expectation. [...]

Executive Sponsorship is a real job

Every business improvement initiative needs Executive Sponsorship because every improvement initiative involves change. To effect the change you will need resources, decisions, insights, influence and leadership, however, the big question is "What is the Executive Sponsor actually supposed to do?" Don't make the assumption that this additional role is hardwired into their DNA and don't assume they will ask if they are not sure. If you get an experienced sponsor with a track record of success then you are well on your way. If you get a sponsor who is too time poor, doesn't fully understand the real benefits of [...]

Houston, we have a problem!

The recent story on the BBC website about 24 suicides by employees of France Telecom over the past year or so is a dramatic reminder of the human dimension of organisations and the challenges of change. While disturbing, it isn't that there are suicides at all, because the statistical analysis suggests this is within range for an organisation with an employee population of 100,00. It is rather that it highlights the difficulties people face in adapting to these changes and while the majority don't suicide, how many are affected in ways that extend far beyond the boundaries of their job [...]

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